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[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots
[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots

[Comfort Pack] Premium Waterproof Safety Boots

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Every year around the world, 2.2 Million workers die following a work accident 😥

Falls on the same level at work can cause very serious injuries going as far as disability permanent, even deaths.

Inadequate footwear can cause terrible foot pain foot pain or worsen foot problems existing 🤕

The choice of a appropriate shoe is very important, not only for the foot comfort, but also for well-being in general.

Innovative & Indestructible 💪


SafeBoots™ is our new model of safety boots indestructible.

We have designed for you, the ideal pair of safety boots, light and perfect which will make you forget the old boots heavy and old-fashioned.


I feel safe!

The toe of the shoes is made of robust and solid steel which protects your toes from impacts and falling objects, which significantly reduces the risk of accidents when you are at work 🔥

The boots are made with several hard and thick soles which absorb shocks and give you optimal comfort .

Finally, lightweight and stylish safety boots 😀


SafeBoots™ is the new generation of safety boots that offer you the best protection, optimal comfort and a modern and classy style .

The SafeBoots™ are waterproof and thus provide additional protection for your feet in damp or wet situations.

I dress in Style!


SafeBoots™ feature a modern and elegant style that meets the expectations of demanding workers 😏

You can continue to wear these boots around town or on your lunch breaks, as they are not work shoes at all.

They are aesthetic and very discreet and go with all your outfits and your dress codes.

🔥 The pleasure of working Zen


SafeBoots™ are designed in microfiber leather which combines: lightness, flexibility and excellent breathing.

SafeBoots™ protect your feet from all dangers and risks of accidents, you will be relaxed and very at feel comfortable when you're crafting or working👌

It is the ideal companion for outdoor workers, construction professionals and handling workers.

A pleasant end to the day 😃


SafeBoots™ are lightweight and flexible boots with excellent grip on the ground that prevents false movements and protects your back and your joints.

You will therefore have a more balanced and more stable posture and the risk of lower back pain will be reduced .

Your end of the day will be more pleasant, because you will be less tired and you will have all the energy to meet up with your friends or to enjoy good times with your family 🥳

An Exclusive Pack ⭐


The Comfort Pack BricoloPro is an exclusive offer which brings together the safety sneakers, the insoles orthopedics and the socks compression.

It's a pack of 3 essential elements which allows you to make savings and to have optimal comfort to work in complete safety and serenity 👍


Composition Bottes de Sécurité - BricoloPro


1- Are the shoes comfortable?

Absolutely, the Safeboots ™ are robust and very comfortable.

2- I'm usually a size 43, should I take a size 44?

No, we recommend that you take your usual size.

You can also use our size guide here

3- What are the delivery times?

Delivery is FREE and it takes between 8 to 10 days.

Enjoy working and protect your feet from all dangers by adopting SafeBoots™


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