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The job of heavy goods vehicle driver: skills, responsibilities and perspectives

The job of heavy goods vehicle driver: skills, responsibilities and perspectives

The profession of heavy goods vehicle driver: skills, responsibilities and perspectives

The road freight transport sector relies on HGV drivers, essential professionals to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of goods across the roads.

These road drivers play a key role in the logistics of transport companies, driving trucks and heavy goods vehicles as part of the road transport of goods.

In this article, we will explore the required skills, associated responsibilities and career prospects for truck drivers in road freight transport. In addition, we will discuss the importance of FIMO (Compulsory Minimum Initial Training) for carriers and the logistical aspects related to goods management.

1- Skills required to be a heavy goods vehicle driver:

  • Appropriate driving license: To practice this profession, it is essential to obtain the appropriate driving license for heavy goods vehicles. This may include C, CE permits, or even the EC permit for international transport.
  • Knowledge of driving and safety rules: Heavy goods vehicle drivers must master the driving rules regarding road safety. They must also be aware of regulations specific to the transport of dangerous or sensitive goods.
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  • Planning and organizational skills: Time management and effective route planning are essential to meeting delivery deadlines. Truck drivers must be able to set realistic schedules and manage their driving and rest time effectively.
  • Technical skills: Basic mechanical knowledge and vehicle maintenance skills are important to perform regular checks and resolve minor technical problems that may arise during operation of road.

2- Responsibilities and tasks of the heavy goods vehicle driver

  • Transport of goods: The main role of a truck driver is to ensure the safe and reliable transport of goods. This involves loading and unloading goods, ensuring their safety during transport and following specific procedures for different types of cargo.
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  • Vehicle maintenance: Heavy goods vehicle drivers must ensure that their vehicle is in good working order. This includes regular maintenance, preventive checks and reporting potential mechanical problems.
  • Communication and customer service: Heavy goods vehicle drivers are often in direct contact with customers and stakeholders in the supply chain. They must therefore have good communication skills to provide delivery status updates, handle possible issues and provide quality customer service.

3- Career prospects and developments

  • Progression into supervisory roles: With experience, truck drivers can progress into supervisory roles, such as team leader or fleet manager. These positions involve managing a team of drivers and coordinating transportation operations.
  • Possibility of becoming self-employed: Some heavy goods vehicle drivers choose to become self-employed by creating their own transport company. This gives them the freedom to manage their own clients and set their own rates.
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  • Continuing training and specialization: To remain competitive in the job market, heavy goods vehicle drivers can specialize in areas such as refrigerated transport, transport of dangerous goods or transport international. Additional training and specific certifications are available to acquire these specialized skills.


    The profession of heavy goods vehicle driver and goods deliveryman is of capital importance in the field of road transport. These professionals play a key role in ensuring safe deliveries and road transport of goods. With varied employment opportunities, including temporary positions, SPL (Super Heavy Duty), and requirements such as the CACES (Certificate of Aptitude for Safe Driving) for handling, This profession offers interesting professional prospects.

    To practice this profession, it is necessary to hold the appropriate license and to have skills in unloading and handling goods. Road drivers can also benefit from specialized training such as a Bac-Pro in the field of transport.

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    Thanks to the constant demand in the freight and road transport sector, heavy goods vehicle drivers have the opportunity to find stable jobs, such as CDI (Permanent Duration Contracts), thus offering professional stability.

    In conclusion, the profession of heavy goods vehicle driver and goods deliveryman constitutes a dynamic and stimulating career in the field of road transport. With increasing demand for transportation and delivery services, truck drivers play a vital role in keeping logistics and commerce running smoothly.

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