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Who should wear safety shoes?

Who should wear safety shoes?

There are many jobs that require wearing safety shoes or boots, but which shoes are best suited for each profession?

We've put together our own guide to help you make the right choice when it comes to your safety.

Civil engineers

As acivil engineer, you will be required to travel to construction sites or construction sites.

A good pair of steel toe boots would therefore be perfect for the car.

With a steel toe cap and midsole to protect the feet, as well as a non-slip sole and padded collar, they are truly versatile and more popular than ever.

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Remember, if you're looking for something a little lighter, a composite boot will do the job just as well.

If you're a engineer you may find that a regular steel bit works for you too, but sometimes it helps to have a little more of protection.

A safety boot made of composite material is as durable as a steel toe cap. Made of composite materials, it is truly a lightweight boot that makes traveling easier.

A boot with metatarsal gel support will also help protect the delicate bones in your feet.

Construction and BTP workers

Working in the construction sector can be tiring and damaging to your feet.

Give your feet the best possible care by wearing a pair of metatarsal safety shoes, which will protect the fragile bones of your feet, a good old steel toe cap with a Steel midsole will also help protect feet from any debris or punctures, meaning you can get on with your work.


Safety shoes for electricians have never been better, with a great choice of styles you can be sure your feet will be well protected.

Static dissipative shoes disperse electrical currents, reducing the risk of electric shock.

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However, a composite boot with a well-insulated sole will also do the job, because with less or no metal, the electric current will have no conductors to pass through.

Industrial workers

For those working in an industrial environment, a pair of good water- and heat-resistant steel-toed boots will do the trick.

Choose between an ankle boot style and a longer leg style depending on the protection you need.

Many feature a cushioned sole and padded collar for added protection.

Office workers

You might think that working in an office environment you wouldn't need to use safety shoes, but the opportunity may arise from time to time to use them .

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Choose steel-toed oxford-style shoes. Not only do they look like normal, stylish office shoes, but they will protect your feet perfectly when you need them.

Types of safety shoes

As we mentioned earlier, the different types and styles of safety shoes are endless and it can be a little difficult to choose the style that suits you and your needs. your job.

We went looking for as many different styles as possible to bring you as much useful information as possible.

As composite safety shoes become more and more popular, one of the main things to remember is to choose a pair that includes Kevlar fiber.

Kevlar is a lightweight, flexible fiber used in the soles and toes of composite safety shoes to protect your feet from punctures.

Kevlar is less conductive than steel, meaning that even in the coldest winters your feet will stay warm.

Many people worry about the damage that working in construction or engineering will have on their feet in the long term, so it is imperative to choose the right shoes now.

Safety shoes with metatarsal protection are perfect for protecting the delicate bones of the feet. Made of aluminum, steel or lightweight composite materials, they form protection on your foot against compression or falling debris.

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safety shoes anti-static are really perfect if you work in an electronic, communications or telecommunications.

They offer total protection against electric shock and shock and are durable enough to be classified as a fantastic safety boot. It is also wise to choose a model with a Vibram sole, as it poses a high electrical risk.

Support is an important factor when it comes to choosing the right safety boot for you and ankle support is extremely important when you are on your feet for the majority of of the day.

An ankle support helps protect against sprains and other damage. If you're looking for a little more support around the ankle, choose a boot with a longer shaft or a safety boot with a good quality padded collar.

Toe protection is probably the most important element in choosing your safety footwear; They don't call them steel tips for nothing, do they?

You can choose from several types of protections: composite tips made of fibers and resistant materials, plastics, without forgetting the trusty steel tip.

Steel plates are included in a lot of different security styles today and are a welcome feature when working in an industrial or construction environment. animated construction.

These plates are usually placed in the midsole of the boot or shoe, making the shoe or boot resistant to puncture underfoot.

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A good quality safety boot will most often feature what we call a Vibram sole, made from a high performance compound which is perfect for those working in the Construction or an industrial environment.

They are extremely durable, have superior strength and are designed to resist heat, flame and oil. With a fantastic grip, they really help you get on with your work.

Now that you have found the right sneaker, boot or safety shoe, you can think about closures. Lace-up, velcro or slip-on?

Decisions, decisions! The slip-on shoes and velcro are fantastic for getting them on and off in no time, which is ideal for moving around the site.

However, the zippered and lace-up styles offer a bit more stability.

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