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What are the Protection Classes of Safety Shoes?

What are the Protection Classes of Safety Shoes?

Every employee or safety manager asks themselves the same question: What protection class should safety shoes have?

The differences between the most common protection classes are often not clear enough.

We would therefore like to explain simply and present the structure of the protection classes in more detail.

Learn more about European standards: ISO standards


A safety shoe with protection class S1 must meet the minimum requirements for a basic shoe.

The outer material and lining must meet a minimum level of tear resistance and resistance or permeability to water vapor.

In addition, shoes of this protection class have a closed heel area. This mainly serves to improve the stability of the shoe and protect the heel of the bearer of external influences.


The protection class S1P has the same properties as the protection class S1.

Footwear of this protection class is supplemented by protection against penetration.

This midsole is available in steel or as a metal-free variant, which is important for protection against dangers threatening from below such as sharp objects that lying around, nails or similar objects that could threaten the health of your feet.

These shoes are ideal for a rather dry work environment.

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In protection class S2, safety shoes must meet all the requirements of class S1.

In addition, the shoe is subject to water penetration and permeability requirements. Water penetration (expressed as the increase in mass of the textile pad after 60 minutes) should not exceed 0.2 g and water absorption should not exceed 30%.

Important: protection class S2 does not have protection against penetration. Protection class S2 is suitable for difficult activities in humid environments such as for concrete work, work in sewers or aqueducts or during the treatment of chemical substances


A S3 shoe meets the requirements of protection class S2. The shoe is supplemented by penetration protection and a profiled outsole, for improved slip resistance and surefootedness.

With the design of the sole with good profile thickness which ensures excellent grip and stability, even in extreme outdoor ground conditions. 

class S3 safety shoes are suitable for heavy work on construction sites, in storage areas, when handling pallet trucks, pallets, forklifts or in civil engineering.

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